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Make Your Life Your Legacy Podcast

Dec 28, 2021

Being an Aquarian woman in leadership doesn't mean having all the answers. It actually means being OK without having any!
Realizing this has brought me one of the deepest sense of peace that I have ever experienced.


Dec 21, 2021

After meeting Lynne Maureen Hurdle, Executive coach, speaker, facilitator, at a recent event, I had the joy and privilege of sitting down with her  for a deeper conversation.

And deep we went, on the matter or race, equality, equity, and building success differently.

We invite you to listen in, it's well-worth your...

Dec 9, 2021

I saw a meme once that said "Strong people break, too. We just do it in silence, rebuild, and keep on moving forward."

First, I nodded.
And then remembered something. The reason I choose to be so open and honest about my breakdowns and breakthroughs is exactly this:
when I have been at my breaking points, picking...

Dec 2, 2021

This episode was recorded right before US Thanksgiving day, the day that marks the beginning of what could be described as the most challenging time of the year for many. Do you feel it, too?

Then I have 3 things for you...(plus so much more inside the actual episode).

While expressing a depth of gratitude for so much...