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Make Your Life Your Legacy Podcast

Nov 25, 2021

As I sat by the Hudson river the other morning, one of my favorite places to recharge my batteries, find an inspiration, and calm my system, I thought about all the way I used to fight myself against myself. Like, not giving myself what I require to feel better so that I can do better.

Then, I also thought about certain definitions that have finally brought me peace... That have finally helped me feel seen, understood, and my life finally started to make sense.

For example, being...
Witchy Ambivert
Clairvoyant and Claircognizant
Gifted ADHD (Twice Exceptional)

Each one of those traits requires a level of self care... and before that - full and unconditional acceptance.

And that's how this episode came to be: accepting all of who we are, giving ourselves what we need to feel & do better.